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LiveLOOK is helping companies increase first call resolution rates, reduce call handling time and improve customer satisfaction scores all while reducing costs and optimizing contact center operations. Engage your customers when and where they need help and wow them with exceptional service.

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Why more companies choose LiveLOOK than any other Co-Browsing solution

  • Superior Connectivity on Mobile & Desktop
    Superior Connectivity on Mobile & Desktop

    LiveLOOK’s patented technology enables customers to launch a co-browse session in seconds, from any device. While competitive solutions rely solely on HTML or browser plug-ins to establish a session, LiveLOOK’s unique hybrid approach ensures the highest rate of session success possible. No other solution can achieve this level of compatibility.

  • Unmatched Security & Customer Privacy
    Unmatched Security & Customer Privacy

    Our security and privacy options have helped make LiveLOOK the go-to solution for enterprise organizations, especially in the financial services, retail and insurance industries. LiveLOOK is built with security and customer privacy in mind and has been through security reviews at the most stringent organizations in the world.

  • Ability to Show or Block Any Content
    Ability to Show or Block Any Content

    Our experience has shown us that there's no one-size-fits-all approach to co-browse security. While we can limit an agent's view to any kind of content, we don't limit a company's options for choosing what type of content their agents need to see.

  • No Downloads, Java or Plug-ins Required
    No Downloads

    While other screen sharing and co-browsing solutions utilize technology that can hinder a connection or result in incompatibility, LiveLOOK has developed an innovative way of launching co-browse that does not rely on any single existing approach. More customers will be able to connect, from any platform, quickly and without any technical troubleshooting. LiveLOOK makes it easy!

  • Practical, IT-Friendly Deployment Options
    Practical, IT-Friendly Deployment Options

    With decades of experience working with contact centers of all sizes, LiveLOOK understands the challenges of deploying technology solutions and we built our products to be easy to deploy with options to fit every need. Our web-based Agent Console and SaaS model make us easy to integrate into existing technologies and workflows.

  • Enterprise Proven Industry Leadership
    Enterprise Proven Industry Leadership

    LiveLOOK is deployed at over 20% of Fortune 100 companies and we have proven our ROI at some of the largest organizations in the world. We continue to innovate, building solutions that meet the needs of today’s contact center in order to improve the customer experience and optimize agent performance.