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What is LiveLOOK Co-Browse PremiuM?

LiveLOOK, the global leader in co-browsing technologies, has completely changed the way companies can co-browse with online customers. Other solutions rely on one of two technology approaches: html-based co-browsing, or screen sharing. Each approach has advantages and limitations. LiveLOOK has developed a new, mobile-friendly, patented approach to co-browsing that retains the advantages of all existing solutions while addressing the limitations of each.

Introducing LiveLOOK Co-Browse PremiuM

With Co-Browse PremiuM, companies now have a completely mobile-compatible, instant launch solution that retains LiveLOOK's flexibility to block or allow any type of content – not just web content, and not just web content tagged with co-browse Javascript. Enable your agents to co-browse with customers within your web domain, on a partner company's web domain, your customer's browser settings window, a PDF document... Limit your agents view to whatever your use case requires, but don't limit yourself to a co-browsing tool that can only stay on your tagged web pages.

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Co-Browse PremiuM Features

Mobile Co-Browse Features

"Live-assist communication channels (phone, chat, cobrowse) have much higher satisfaction ratings than asynchronous electronic channels (email, web self-service). Satisfaction ratings are: phone (74%), chat (69%), cobrowse (78%), email (54%), and web self-service (47%)."

Forrester's North American Technographics® Customer Experience Online Survey

The Value of Co-Browse PremiuM

Mobile Co-Browse Value