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Share your screen with a friend or LiveLOOK expert and surf LiveLOOK.com together. It's helpful, easy and fun!

How do LiveLOOK's Screen Sharing and Co-Browsing solutions work?

LiveLOOK utilizes a patented, browser-based technology that establishes a visual connection between parties over the Internet. LiveLOOK's cloud-based solutions require no downloads, launch instantly, are universally compatible and completely secure. Companies use LiveLOOK solutions to improve the online customer experience. View a video demo here.

How is LiveLOOK's Co-Browsing solution different from other co-browsing solutions?

Co-browsing works by using one of two technologies - HTML co-browsing or screen sharing. Each approach has advantages and limitations. LiveLOOK's patented co-browsing technology utilizes a completely unique approach that combines HTML and screen sharing technologies. Learn more here.

How is LiveLOOK Co-Browse deployed?

LiveLOOK products are completely cloud-based. With decades of experience working with contact centers of all sizes, LiveLOOK has built its products with practical deployment options that are scalable and IT-friendly. For more information on provisioning, customization, and security configurations, email sales@livelook.com.

What are the technical requirements for customers?

LiveLOOK products only require a browser for both the agent and the customer. Utilizing our patented escalation model, in cases where the customer’s environment does not support a launch method, a second, third and fourth launch method would be enabled. In this way, LiveLOOK ensures optimal connection success rates.

Do LiveLOOK products work on a Mac?

LiveLOOK's solutions are compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Do LiveLOOK products work with any browser?

LiveLOOK's products work with all major browsers. For a full list of browser versions supported, email sales@livelook.com

Do LiveLOOK products work on mobile devices?

Yes, agents and customers are able to connect to a co-browsing session from any mobile device.

What can an agent see during a co-browsing session?

Out of the box, agents can see an online visitor's screen exactly as the online visitor is seeing it. However, many companies choose to implement LiveLOOK's industry-leading security and privacy options, in which case some content may be blocked, such as content outside the browser, certain web pages, or specific fields on a web form.

What can Agents do during a co-browsing session?

When co-browsing, an agent can view the online visitor's screen and move a pointer to show the customer where to click. For companies using LiveLOOK's Remote Support product, agents can also request full mouse and keyboard control.

How easy it is for a customer to stop a co-browse session?

The online visitor is in control at all times, and can disconnect a co-browsing session at any time by clicking the "disconnect" icon on the Co-Browse Toolbar that appears when a session begins.

Can LiveLOOK's Co-Browsing product be used with online chat?

LiveLOOK's products can be used to complement phone or chat support. LiveLOOK offers an innovative live chat solution with optional co-browse capability. The industry's leading chat providers also integrate LiveLOOK Co-Browsing within their chat tools. For a list of LiveLOOK partners, click here.

Can LiveLOOK be integrated with my existing call center tools and technologies?

Check our current list of technology partners to see if your existing providers offer LiveLOOK's solutions as an integrated component of your service. Or, contact a LiveLOOK sales representative to discuss your integration needs at sales@livelook.com.

I'm a technology provider - who do I talk to about integrating LiveLOOK's products within our tool or service?

You can apply to be a LiveLOOK technology partner by clicking here. Once you have submitted your request, a technology representative will be in touch to discuss next steps.